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About Acetate Records...

You can get our releases from these fine Distributors:

United States: Big Daddy, Disgruntled Music, Carrot Top, Smash, Revolver, Hepcat, Choke, Sounds of California
Canada: Skratch, FAB Distribution
Cargo Germany
Benelux: Sonic Rendezvous
U.K.: Cargo Records
Italy: Goodfellas
Norway Big Dipper
Spain K. Industria

Press folks:
You can contact us directly for info on our bands, we have different publicists working different releases and tour dates all the time, so start with us and we'll direct you... Hi-Rez pics and album artwork can be found here.

History of the Label: We started a couple years back, two guys releasing some great records from some great bands that didn't cater to what was "going on musically" at the time... which was "shit", and for the most part, still is...

Being based in LA, we get a nice glimpse at the bullshit that is show business and how hot and cold and soulless most of those fuckers are, so we rubbed two nickles together and with a roll of duct tape and some blind ambition set along our path...

The bands on Acetate, well I can't say enough about them, just give 'em a listen, we think you'll feel the same way. By the way, we're still just two guys, we're not owned, operated or affiliated with any other entity - thanks you for your support!

And drop us a line if you got something to say - email us

Check out our ugly mugs in the very legit CVC Report on the set of the "Bent" video with director Bob Sexton...

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